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from Steve Whyte:

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Many years ago I dedicated my life to sharing these very core truths and have helped many to reconnect to a life that is more fruitful. Throughout my spiritual walk with God, I myself have seen how He can use a broken world to shape and direct me into a better and more purposeful being. As I look around the world today, I see an epidemic centered around people who are saturated in negativity and destruction. Following this constant ‘gospel’ and narrative of pain, sadness and ‘news’, comes a life that is pulled and brought into alignment with such low values. We have lost our understanding of what it means to live, due to the demands on our time, our pursuit of our dreams and our unhealthy relationships with career and money.


Better Days Global has been created to act as a ‘semi-colon’. A break, a pause, a breathe between the clause of your current life and the life that you’re about to live. A lot of thought, time and careful precision has gone into the creation of Better Days Global, and everything has been methodically designed, formatted and executed in a deliberate fashion. The goal is to pause, consider things, challenge current thought patterns, be still enough to experience life, be aware enough to live smarter and be conscious enough to live more purposefully. Ultimately it is my hope that as many as possible come to experience an intimate life changing relationship with Christ, but never to force this onto another.


After years of my own personal success, I had a very low point in my life due to being overworked and lost myself in the pursuit. I took some time away to recalibrate my world and created a system. I believe that many people struggle with the same challenge: balance, and it is my hope that through Better Days Global, you find calm in the midst of your season. Better Days Global stands on the values of Love, Joy and Inspiration, but is not limited to just these. Through our courses, products and articles, messages are delivered regarding topics such as; Body (Fitness & Nutrition), Mind, Soul (including faith and spirituality), Wellness, Wonder, Mental Health, Inspiration, Motivation, Productivity, Emotions/Feelings, Positivity & Fun, Relationships (including social, work, family, parenting), Communication, Career & Business, Creating Your Life (including inspiration, motivation, goals, planning, change, success), Lifestyle and Society & Activism (including making a difference in the world).


We have created an innovative platform that will change how people live forever. This space reserved for positivity extends to multiple communities, and has a Mental Health Advocacy department with future goals to expand. Ultimately, we are making a collaborative difference in the world, and it is a life long mission. While we have a lot to offer from our launch, there will be more to come, as we partner with other innovators and learn more from brilliant minds and technological advancements. What distinguishes Better Days Global from other media platforms is that we provide only actionable content, products and courses. We understand that there is a lot of ‘why you should do things, and what you need to do, but not enough how you need to do it'. At Better Days Global, we are about action, and this feature is present in everything that we do.


God has blessed my life in so many ways and I am extremely excited about this platform and global community. Thank you for your continued support and if you believe you have something meaningful to share and would like to contribute towards Better Days Global as a writer see here.



Thanks for being a part of this wonderful journey and;


‘I wish you Better Days’


Steve Whyte (Founder)


In 2005, I first spoke the words ‘I wish you Better Days’ without an ounce of knowledge as to all that would follow. This project has been in the works for many years, and I had to go through many ups and downs to fully understand the vision that God gave me, but here we are. I have been fortunate enough to travel around the world, and have seen, spoken to and with many people. Though there are several differences, be it language, culture, belief systems and geographical locations, the one consistent thing I find between all of us is: our appetite for love, joy and inspiration. These fruits have been at the core of Better Days since its inception, as I believe that they are requirements to a purposeful and fulfilling life.