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The Semi Colon


The semicolon or semi-colon (;) is a punctuation mark that separates major sentence elements. A semicolon can be used between two closely related independent clauses, provided they are not already joined by a coordinating conjunction.


As a collaborative organisation, we create and curate quality information, products and resources from around the world which act as a semi colon in your life. We believe that everyone has a story, and we like to play a role within the pages of those within our network. Everyone has a different plot, some chapters are harder to digest than others, some may be experiencing hardship right now, but the beauty of the semi colon is, there is still room to write more on the pages of your life. You have an opportunity right now to redefine the next chapter. Whether you feel that your life so far has been far from fair, or filled with pain, disapointments and setback, today is a new day with new hope and opportunity to write a new page.


The semi colon is an important symbol to us as it speaks of hope, a place where the author could have ended the sentence, but didn't. It is the power to continue, to overcome and to find our brand new.

... to be continued