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By Better Days Global, Aug 17 2018 12:09PM

What if other people could see beyond your physical appearance and look at your insecurities, pride, shame, or malicious thoughts?

Those are the kinds of things our society urges you to cover up. After a while, you create masks to hide your true thoughts and feelings and present an image you hope will prove your worth. The longer you wear your masks, the more comfortable they feel. But you cannot enjoy healthy relationships unless you remove the masks and show others who you really are. Here’s how you can take off the masks you present to the world and be authentic:

Realize the price of the masks you wear.

Understand that your masks prevent you from experiencing real life. Your masks give you a distorted view of what is really happening in your life and people begin to view not you, but the masks you wear. Instead of living for other people’s approval and praise, live to please God alone no matter what others think of you. Shift your focus from establishing your identity on earth to something much more meaningful. Understand that your mask prevents you from experiencing intimacy in relationships. Rather than trying to prove your value to other people, seek to simply connect with them.

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to honestly ask yourself deep questions about your existence, worth, emotions, thoughts, and purpose. Stop living according to the status quo and consider what changes you need to make to become more authentic. Too often we follow trends, formulas, and ways of living because we do not believe we are enough. Give yourself time to step into the core of who you are and allow your blessings to come to you. When you model your life, personality, or business after something that is outside of you, you block your own potential. When you stay true to who you are, you’ll be in your own unique and authentic lane. Trade lies for the truth about yourself. Instead of just trying to feel good about yourself, let the awareness of your brokenness lead you to the wholeness awaiting you. Find real confidence, not the temporary feel good fix. Rather than basing your confidence on how smart, beautiful, successful, talented, or charming you are, base it on your true authentic self. Stop pretending to be someone you’re not to try to feel more confident; pretending will only lead to deeper insecurity. Accept the truth about yourself, tell the truth, and live in that truth. Then your life will catch up.

Let go of your concerns about how other people make you feel. Don’t worry about being affirmed, being right, demanding respect, judging others, keeping score, harboring bitterness, competing, gossiping, or bickering. Be more interested in genuinely connecting with others rather than impressing them or saving face. Speak the truth in all your relationships. Admit your mistakes and ask for forgiveness. Do your work well. Don’t disengage with your work, viewing it just as a job that you have to do, but don’t really want to do well. Don’t be so driven that you try to prove your worth by working hard. Instead, do whatever work you do, from cleaning, or answering phones to inventing a product or speaking to crowds, with your very best effort, remembering that absolutely everything you do has eternal consequences. Look at every task you undertake as an opportunity to serve God through your attitude. Instead of working just for a paycheck, fame, or praise from other people, work to honour God. Ask yourself: Am I Authentic? Start from there.

There are levels to living authentically.

This is not how your story ends;

Written By Steve Whyte

By Better Days Global, Aug 17 2018 11:55AM

It can be easy to become influenced by voices that don’t get what you’re trying to do. People who don’t approve of you or your work, will always try to discourage you. Once you make your mark, you’ll attract erasers. People who are intimidated by your prime will always try to shorten it. Maybe there are people who drain your energy by constantly demanding you to justify the choices you make, to explain yourself to them so that they can argue with you. By all means spend some time explaining your why, but don’t lose sleep over the fact that they don’t listen and don’t approve of it. Whatever you do, don’t change the way you’re doing it because of them. They don’t really care and they don’t matter to the work you are doing. They provide an excuse to quit. Don’t let it be that. Don’t let the desire to have your work approved drive the work itself. If that was what drove the greatest minds in history, the world would look very different and we would probably still be living in caves, or extinct. Do you approve of yourself or do you seek the approval of others?

When we lack confidence and in particular have a low understanding of our worth, we find ourselves needing the approval of others to feel good about ourselves. Unfortunately, in this day and age of being over worked and under valued, the approval of others may take years to come or never will. Saying “well done” or “thank you” doesn’t seem too common in language in modern society, and how often do you say such things to others?

Being self critical is an easy habit to get into, and forms the basis of our needing approval from others. The root of our self-criticism is usually being at the receiving end of criticism from others as we grow up. I like the expression that “criticism is negative feedback badly delivered”.

Constantly receiving messages like “you’re too slow/stupid/bad/ugly/…” etc leads to us believing that this is a reality. And language like “don’t do that” “why did you….” “you shouldn’t have” “you always” “you mustn’t” doesn’t exactly help a child feel good about themselves. Every expression is a sign of disapproval, so it’s not surprising we grow wanting that approval from others. Comparing ourselves to others is another way we end up being critical of ourselves, as we usually find ways we don’t match up. This perpetuates our own self-disapproval. If you must compare, find positive things in the process and use your comparison to grow not to shrink yourself. Even if you find yourself with role models you are trying to emulate, there will be aspects of their personality, perhaps particular skills or attributes that you already have but they don’t possess. We all have a special fingerprint and God carefully made us all unique for a reason.

Identify situations where you find yourself seeking the approval of others. Is it with particular people, boss, parent, in particular environments, workplace, home, social? Is there any reason you can identify why this should be, why you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to their moods and frustrations? Whether or not you can find reasons for your seeking approval, start getting in the habit of getting approval solely God and from yourself. One easy way to challenge such thinking, is to remind yourself that most people are quite self centered and will speak from their own perspective and opinion of who you should be based on their own beliefs. The problem with this perspective is that they have completely travelled a different path to you, which led them to this train of thought process which doesn’t make it 100% accurate to your situation or even the truth. It is flawed. In the same way you spend most of your time full of self talk, worrying about you, other people are not as concerned about you as you think. They’re mostly concerned about themselves.

The bottom line is while you’re worried about others opinion or approval of you, they probably haven’t given you any thought at all. Like you, when they’re thinking about other people, it’s mainly in relation to themselves. None of us know what anyone else is thinking. Whether or not they’ve even noticed you or what you have done, you may never know. So why beat yourself up about it?

Seeking approval of others and listening to the opinions that don’t resonate with you is detrimental to your happiness. People who ignore their own identity and instead choose to act on the preference of other people never find their true calling or purpose in life. They become the puppets of this lifetime in control by whomever they hand the strings to. This happens because other people do not know your deepest needs and desires, so they cannot help you find your life’s purpose. Almost everyone seeks approval of others on some level, mainly because we were trained to do so since our childhood. That’s what all educational systems and many other institutions and traditions teach us.

If we behave well, our parents are happy with us. If we do what our teachers tell us to do, we are rewarded with good grades. If at work we do our best, the managers are happy with us. Everything seems to be based on the obedience model and bound to someone else. So when there is no defined model to follow, it seems like something is missing. And we automatically start seeking approval to check if we are doing everything okay. We find gurus and other intelligent people and seek their approval. But you should realize that sometimes you’ll have to create a path instead of following someone else’s. If every decision you make is based of another person’s ‘yes’, you will lose your own sense of direction in life and end up on their path unequipped. If you blindly follow others, you will not be happy. Sometimes you will have to be the first that ever did it. If you firstly try to consciously disregard such critics, it will be hard, but with time, it will be increasingly easier to not care what others think about your choices when you completely free yourself from the approval-seeking mode. 

This is not how your story ends;

Written By Steve Whyte

By Better Days Global, May 11 2018 12:14PM

While tears are seen by many as a sign of weakness, not the trait of one who has dedicated their life to helping people to become the best versions of themselves, and quite the opposite of the better days that one proclaims, I feel it is essential for me to share the truth about these misconceptions.

Throughout my life, I have had an ongoing battle with depression. I didn’t always know what it was, but it was always there, sometimes right in front of me blocking my very vision of hope, and other times beside me waiting on me to drop my guard and think that everything is ok, before suffocating me once again. As the years went by, and I began to become more aware of this burning, deep dark and heavy sensation that would take over my mind, body and spirit, I had no energy left to hold back or hide my deep innermost feelings. Waking up on a cold pillow drenched in tears has been a normal part of my life and though I smile throughout the day and live to be an encouragement to everyone whom I encounter, the reality of the countless times my pillow needed to be turned over to the warm side, consumes me even now.

But what happens when both sides of the pillow are cold and wet and you’ve run out of contingency plans for your tears? What happens when you are left with a choice of cold and wet or discomfort? The reality for me was that the cold and discomfort were one and the same, as my pain wasn’t external, rather cold, wet and uncomfortable within. The feeling of treading carefully because you know that at any minute, it will show it’s ugly face. The moment I open my eyes in the morning and I check to see if it is there or if there is hope for another day. The reality that it doesn’t matter who is around you or what is happening in your life, it is no respecter of these variables. Many of these realities are not always obvious to others, for some of you, you may be able to relate to these descriptions. While there is no complete description of depression, it is personal but very recognisable once introduced.

Some days I know it is there, but I press on trying to stay busy so it doesn’t paralyse me. Most days it’s difficult to combat. It eats away at you from the inside, causing a silent and painful existence, an overwhelming feeling of heaviness and a deep burning that only your vulnerabilities can interpret. You feel off balance and at mercy to your own thoughts. For me, I feel out of control and weak with the inability to communicate that which I feel, and yet, the tears flow until they run dry. Society tells me that as a man I am to suck it up, man up, be strong, get myself together, but what happens when you have run out of every ounce of strength to continue pretending everything is alright? What happens when you don’t have it in you to bother another person with how you feel? What happens when you reach out for help but it’s not available? These questions are ones which I have had over the years, and I have many more unanswered than answered.

Sometimes in life you will be in situations where it seems that you're going round in circles. You overcome one storm and start to get your life back on track only to find yourself in a new whirlwind battered by the continuous trials of life. It feels like you never get a break and your energy is low. You feel invisible, heavy and like no one understands what you're living through. You feel like life is not worth living and that you'd be better off dead, free from the constant pain you feel in your mind and heart. It feels dark, lonely, cold and very painful. Your every effort is cancelled out by the heaviness of your heart. I know too well what this feels like and I have never claimed to be a guru with a perfect life, or someone who has all of the answers. I just want to share with you what has continuously worked for me. Experience teaches me that storms don't stop and that they are inevitable. Accepting this was the first part of my breakthrough. It was hard for many years because I didn't want to believe it. By me accepting it, I could then use all of my effort to planting myself deeper into the foundations of my faith so that when they do come, I'm shaken but not easily moved. It started with a diligent prayer life followed by a life detox. I had to let go of a lot of the negative influences in my life which included "friends" unhealthily relationships, career changes and what I allowed into my mind. This was a process and it took years of life shaping before it was my reality. My perception changed and altered my perspective. It gave me room to notice more of the good around me. Instead of complaining, I used my pain to inspire others, rebrand my life and be more productive. It lays dormant within me and often shows its ugly face, but I choose to feed myself life based on what God says about me and His plans for my life.

A few years ago I made a choice to step away. This decision lead to me being forced to my my own therapeutic space. It was uncomfortable as busy was no longer a refuge for me. I had to reevaluate my position and do a life audit. If you’re anything like me, you’ll know that this is a huge task as I do so much, but it still had to be done. This process however uncomfortable taught me a lot about myself, and it was challenging because I was doing it alongside managing the pain within my heart and mind. However, I committed to spending time with me and being still. It took a whole year before I began to see any results, and still I struggle with pain, but this grounding and balance has helped me to keep perspective, get closer to God and prioritise my health.

Sometimes we are looking for support, answers and help externally for things that only can be fixed internally. Once I took back the ownership of my internal world, I started to see my perspective of the external world change. The tears re-emerged, but I didn’t resist the healing power that comes from not holding them in. Contrary to the collective societal standard, crying is a part of my process. Sometimes the words are not enough and the inability to communicate them, often creates more frustration. Our language hasn’t evolved in sync with the complexities of our spirits, and so the non-verbal language of our heart connects with God and brings healing.

I’m writing this today as this is part of my healing, and I hope for someone a part of theirs too. Where ever you are and whatever you’re going through, together we stand and declare “This is not how my story ends;”

To the men and young men out there, your tears are not your weakness. They are your strength. Do not be ashamed of your feelings, experiences and vulnerabilities. They are an essential part of who you are in this moment, and they play a significant role in who you are growing into. To anyone out there who can relate to the above, be encouraged. If it sounds like I just described your life, be blessed. You're not alone.

Expressions from my life to yours. #SW

God Bless You All

By Better Days Global, Apr 12 2018 10:37AM

In this age of goals, dreams and aspirations, it is no secret that troubles come along the way. For some it may seem that they come more often than success or achievement. In these moments, it is difficult to see the light in the tunnel, and this causes many to lose hope and the spark they once had. The constant pursuit of something that is in the world, but not in your life can become draining, and the yearning it creates for a shift is deep, powerful but often painful.

We have thoughts of doubt, which are tied to desperation of a big break, a change, and a next level. This quest and desire for a breakthrough isn’t a bad thing, however, can become dangerous if the things we seek are limited by faulty interpretations of what the shift is. It is easy to subscribe to the notion that success, security and wellness are things, which are dependent on external and tangible acquisitions. These beliefs are driven by how these blessings are often portrayed, but limited by our perspective and attachments to our own domino effect scenarios. We adopt the viewpoints that if we do this, this and then this, we will get to this level, or achieve this thing that will lead to this opportunity, which will lead to this person seeing us, and then we will arrive, or we think if we get this amount of money, we can do this thing, and go to this place, which will make us happy.

I’m here today to tell you that anything that is outside of you is limited to its existence, without longevity and subject to change. If all of your dreams and goals are dependent on the current of the external world, and the array of variables that can exist, your shift and next level will always be limited but larger than you. However, when you set your mind in a higher place and submit to the reality that God has blessed you abundantly, you will soon see that your shift is not outside of you, rather inside of you. You’ll come to understand and utilise the powerful reality that anything that can fit inside of your mind is smaller than you.

I came to this realisation one year in Paris, standing beneath the Eifel Tower. It was my first time visiting Paris and I was amazed at the size of the Tower. It was much larger than I had previously thought. So big that I struggled to properly frame its full form in my camera lens. As I tried my best to fit it in, it then dawned upon me that the camera lens I had attached wasn’t the correct lens to use from the perspective I were standing, and I had to settle for a mental image. I immediately was mind-blown as something so small triggered such a deep and profound revelation within me: If it can fit inside of my mind, it’s smaller than me. This day changed my perspective of what everything meant to me, large problems began to shrink, my vision expanded and I for the first time saw the unlimited nature and abilities of my own mind. It is a universe within itself, created by God which contains unlimited blessings.

Once I had this reality grasped, nothing seemed to big, too far away, or too out of reach, as I now knew that my big break, shift and next level was a mindset. My advice to you today is to stop looking around you for what is already within you. The internal drives the external. Go beyond your understanding and all that you’ve experienced. God has so much more for you to see, and it is way bigger than any promotion, amount of money, or perspective of reality that you or I could draw up from our viewpoint of the world.

You are your shift.

This is not how your story ends;

Written By Steve Whyte

By Better Days Global, Mar 28 2018 09:49AM

You don’t have to look too far to see someone selling the ‘secrets to success’, or feeling as if you’re lacking in life because you don’t have what they are selling. I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that success is a place that you get to, or that it’s by getting a certain amount of something, whether fame, money or to the top of the ladder. You have been bombarded with a plethora of images throughout your life that tells you that success is what you do, rather than who you are. For this reason we spend our lives doing and not being,

Over the year my views on success have changed dramatically. I went from wanting it all, to being content with what I have. I realised that external things like money, impact, popularity and respect come as a by-product of doing what is in your heart. No amount of money, status or credibility will substitute for a heart that deprived of substance and joy. If you do not enjoy what you do, the results and rewards will be tarnished. This doesn’t mean that you cannot be successful in the little things. When you switch you frequency of happiness from results, to process, you’ll be able to resonate with small successes along the way. Sure, it is good to have long-term goals, but, if all of your self love, joy and appreciation are tied to the fulfilment of those goals, you’ll miss out on many successes right in front of you along the way.

When I were younger I wrote a lot of goals, and I thought that success was in achieving them. Once I achieved them I still felt unaccomplished. This taught me a very important lesson. We never arrive. The finish line is always moving and therefore, we run not one race, but many races along the way. Now I am focused on one race at a time, ensuring I’m prepared, focused and appreciative for each stride I take. This starts when I first wake up in the morning. I pray and give thanks for the new air in my lungs: success number 1, I appreciate life: success number 2 and I ensure that I keep that energy of gratitude within all of my actions to follow. This type of success impacts family, friends, business and self.

By paying closer attention to the detail of life, we become human beings and not human doings. We open ourselves up to the joys that God has placed in our lives, and we are receptive to the obvious things we previously overlooked. This type of awareness brings about a change in how we interpret the things that happen within our lives, and wisdom is deposited within our spirits. We feel a sense of purpose behind our actions not matter how small, we connect with likeminded individuals who were waiting for you to wake up and tap into divinity, and we see success in failure, disappointment and misfortune.

I don’t know what success means to you today, as that is personal, but I do know that God has a purpose for you life. I encourage you to be still, pray, meditate, and tune into His realm. Seek and you will find. Do not just subscribe to the tangible and limited perspectives of success forced down your throat.

The truth about success is: it’s not seen, its felt.

This is not how your story ends;

By Better Days Global, Feb 27 2018 09:44PM

I have always looked for the best in people. So much that I chose from very young age to tune out scepticism, doubters and those who failed to believe. This on the surface may seem like a great quality to have, as many struggle with this very task. However, as the years went by, I started to notice that although it is good to look for the best in people, I shouldn’t live in a place of denial especially when it comes to my dreams and what people really think and feel about them.

Part of my growth has been in me identifying, and being aware of the destructive energies that have the power to corrupt and destroy my dream, by putting their shadowed hand into the soil of my vision. They come subtly, often disguised as advice, yet they carry deep and dark motives, and are attached with ruthless agendas. Sadly they often come from ‘Friends’ and ‘Family members, who fail to see our vision. Some cannot grasp who you have grown into, and others are jealous of your evolution. Their arrows of pessimism quench the soul out of your passions, dreams and advancements, oftentimes in attempt to hold you captive, hostage to your lower self. It is important to know that not everybody in your life is good for your dream. Not everyone in your circle is in your corner. You must identify the weeds who wait to choke your stem with aim to prevent you from bringing forth any fruit.

Awareness is only one stage. You must stay rooted in and out of season to ensure that you are strong enough to withstand the draining forces from outside and around you. Their masks cover up their shame as they aim to steal, kill and destroy your victory. Your hope, faith and commitment shouldn’t be an outside job, or be dependent on any external approval or acceptance. When God plants a vision within you, stay committed to it, pursue it with boldness and protect it from dream killers. I often say that if you don’t live from the praises of people, you wont die from the criticism of people, but what I may begin to add is that, not all praise is good and not all criticism is bad. You must be secure and sure enough in your vision to carry it out regardless of the results or the popularity of it. Do not be oblivious to the naysayers, do not ignore them; rather use it all as fuel and a spotlight on your belief. Do you need to believe more? Are you rooted deep enough? What adjustments need to be made? Am I forcing squares into my circle? These questions only lead to action. Action is the force that makes things happen.

Be of good courage, God is on your side, this is not how your story ends;

Written by Steve Whyte

By Better Days Global, Dec 15 2017 07:36PM

I used to be always on the go. Felt like time was running out. Seemed as if I was chasing my own tail, striving to become something that I didn’t know I already was. While I am partly to blame, society, trends, clichés and poor information had me believe that “hard work” is the secret to success. I’d make excuses to further solidify my unhealthy attachments to being busy, and burned out in the process. Until, that day came and I burned out. It was at this point where I heard God telling me “There is a better way”. I had no energy to fight any longer, opened my Bible and got the confirmation I needed, slap, bang in my face.

Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. - Psalm 46:10

“Be Still”

Both these words seem to be at a premium these days. Starting with “Be”; we are constantly trying to validate our being by doing, and we do so much that we fail to simply “Be”. Secondly, “Still”; for many, the only time we are still is when we crash out and fall asleep. We have become overly busy, uptight, and pressed from all sides in a chaotic world. If we all took a few moments a day to cultivate both, we just might find some much needed peace and calm in our lives.

But why do we find it so difficult to Be Still?

Stress and anxiety happen when we are approaching or reaching the limit of what we have learned to tolerate thus far. This causes a stress reaction triggering our fight or flight response, releasing adrenaline, cortisol, and other stress hormones, giving us that feeling of urgency and constriction. We habitually stretch ourselves out of our comfort zone (which is good), but then enter our destructive zone (not so much). The issue here is that we spend so much time in the realm of destruction that it has been normalized and doesn’t even resemble its very nature. We overcommit to things that we know we cannot complete, we make promises without thought of what each entails, and we are pretty much dragged in all directions by the random current of our external lives.

When I can recognize this happening, I say to myself “Be Still” and it gives me that slight pause I need to stop and remember who God is. It allows me question what I want my next move to be. Rather than impulsively acting and regretting later, I now have a quiet moment where I can choose how I want to respond to everything.

This kind of awareness of the stillness is what allows us to experience the powerful and intimate presence of God. This kind of stillness allows us to limit moments of anxiety. Getting caught up in the anxiety of the moment narrows our world. It shrinks our perspective to the limited scope of conditioned unconstructive programming. This space and stillness combats everything that we have accepted as normal and essential, and allows room for us to hear where God is leading us. When we be still, we open our field of vision and we see the limitations in pretending as if we have it all figured out. Going through the motions and pretending that you’ve got it all worked out but in reality you are doubting and second guessing yourself every step of the way, is not productive. I know what this feels like. Doubt and fear creep in no matter how many times I’ve done something, but there is a cure in the deepest and darkest of these moments: be still.

The power of these two words is in us identifying the words that follow …. ‘and know that I am GOD”. Not you and I, but Him. When we understand who is in control, we no longer need to pretend that we are. We no longer need to make excuses for why we are basically killing ourselves trying to make it work. We cannot control what might happen, and the experiences that come our way. We cannot see the pitfalls that are ahead and we cannot control the uncontrollable. But if we be still and know that He is God, we won’t have to, but can still experience peace.

We cannot control the world around us, but we can control the world within us if we just be still enough to find it.

This is not how your story ends;

By Better Days Global, Dec 1 2017 07:15PM

Over the years I have witnessed cliché cycles within my field of work, which become popular and are regurgitated across the public speaking circuits, pulpits, conferences and eventually make their way around peoples social media streams and timelines. The die out, new ones take their place, and eventually they become popular again in season. One such saying is “Speak it into existence”. Books like ‘The Secret’ and many others speak on The Law of Attraction and the notion that you can create your life with the content that you give the world through the power of your words. Some use the term ‘karma’, others ‘what goes around comes around’, other believe in the power of affirmations, and some are just superstitious.

When I considered the power that our words contain, I wasn’t too interested in how our words impact tangible things, like a persons feelings, or a response driven statement, I was rather interested in what actually happens when I speak, even if I am all alone and can only bear witness to my own words. I look at my own faith and my understanding that God spoke and created the world. By speaking He called things into existence. When God created man and woman, He created us in His image and gave us dominion over the earth. He endowed us with a power to "speak". So does this mean that if I say I want something, and speak it enough it will come to me? Many hold this view. However, I believe that while our words do indeed have power, our desires will not be fruitful if they are not in line with God’s will for our lives.

Often in life we desire things that we ‘think’ will be good for us, things we ‘think’ will make us happy, and ‘things’ that are below what God wants for us. We become obsessed with ‘things’, and this realization changed how I viewed and approached both my speech and my prayer life. I stopped asking for ‘things’ and instead spoke my desires backed with ‘if it is according to Your will’.

This method meant that I didn’t have unhealthy attachments to things, and that I am totally surrendered to the best that God has for me. This is not an easy thing to do, but God reminds us that ‘His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts’.

On a day-to-day practical level, I can also see how the words we speak carry much weight. For example: If we say negative things, we create a vibe around us, which is negative; therefore we attract and relate to others whom are also negative. From just the way in which we communicated, our world becomes filled with negative experiences and situations. The same is true for positivity and optimism. It is also a powerful energy that has the power to impact others around you and draw the same kind into your proximity. These statements have the power to shape your experiences.

Also, the words we speak to ourselves have tremendous impact on the things that we do and do not do. If we tell ourselves that we cannot do something, we reaffirm this and it becomes a belief. Once we believe it, we walk in accordance with that belief, and will never even attempt that which we first spoke. On the contrary, when we speak life into life, we increase in confidence and begin to walk in alignment with an attitude of expectancy and accomplishment.

Proverbs 18:21 declares that, "Death and Life are in the power of the tongue..."

Before hopes and dreams become realities, they are first conceived in the mind and then spoken from the heart. Our minds record the words we hear, and our brain receives those words and our psyche embraces them. Children develop language by listening and repeating what they hear. We are geared that way. So then, not only do the things other people say to us greatly influence our thinking, but also, the words we speak to ourselves influence our lives. If you are constantly speaking negative and corrosive words over yourself, that is what your psyche, your mind, your brain, your heart will digest and that is what will be played out in your life. The things that you say about you, have much more impact than the words others say about you.

What are you receiving into your spirit?

I'm not just talking about positive talk. I'm talking about faith talk. Jesus said if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed you can say unto this mountain be thou removed and it shall be moved yonder hence and nothing shall be impossible unto you. In your self-talk, in your private space, in your quiet time when it is just you and God, what are you saying to yourself?

When we speak with doubt, we limit the power of faith because we block all routes to the very thing we think we want but speak against. Do not ask The Lord to move on your behalf and then undo your miracles, your breakthroughs, your healing, and your deliverance with your own mouth. When you repeat negativity and impossibility over your life, you are actually speaking into existence the opposite of what you desire. Activate the power in your own words; stop speaking about the mountain and start speaking to the mountain. You have authority to shape your world, with your faith, but it begins with the very words that leave your mouth. You will not always see that which you desire when you look around you, your circumstances do not matter in this equation, and your past has no say on what you have to say in this new moment. Your faith doesn’t see to see it to believe it. It is faith, it is vision, and it is hope. It is speaking into existence by faith that which the natural eye cannot see.

Submit your desires to God and speak them by faith. You will be surprised at what will appear.

Be of good courage.

This is not how your story ends;

By Better Days Global, Oct 7 2017 07:02PM

Mental Health Illness has no face: This is something I say often, and when I further examine such a statement, I see two meanings. The first; is that anyone can be affected regardless of who they are or what they look like. The second and not so obvious is from the perspective of mental health itself. It’s hard to describe or put into a box, it disguises in many different cloaks, hides away for seasons and is somewhat a shape shifter in that it can manifest itself in different ways within different people. For the benefit of this piece, I’d like to discuss the topic of Depression. You’ll notice in the title of this article my use of the term ‘The Sunken Place’. After watching the movie ‘Get Out’, I found some words to closer describe the feeling of depression that lingers within my own life, and indeed it is like sinking into a hole within myself.

Although for many people, they may describe their experience in a different way, for me, the world saw my success and saw me as a beacon of hope and inspiration on the outside, but on the inside I was dying. I thought about my existence and sank deeper into a black hole within myself, saturated by the thickness and darkness of a troubled soul. I saw myself in a dark room. It was hot and steamy. The air was thick and was closing in on me. Through the fog I could see the outline of a door with a red beam penetrating the gaps beside and beneath it. I knew that whatever was behind that door wasn’t pleasant and wasn’t life, but I was suffocating in the room I were in. I wanted to leave the discomfort of one dark room, escape myself, and the deep torment by walking into a room of death. The idea of me leaving this pain was more pleasing to me than facing the reality that death was final. I held on longer trying to disregard my lungs seizing up, my vision became distorted, my hands clammy. I tried breathing through my mouth but felt the dark air quench my windpipe. My heart was pounding and darkness was consuming me. Every thought regarding anything other than this living hell was void and I was trapped within myself. This feeling of wanting to escape is how I feel when depression rears its ugly face and perhaps this is how you feel to, or aspects of it.

With a plethora of positive and self-help tools at my disposal, I first turned to this path trying to encourage myself. It was too late as I had layers to work through, and no amount of positive self-talk could undo the archives of internal damage residing within me. I turned to God as this is a fundamental part of my life, and learned that although my prayer is freedom from the pain, the depths of my darkness were not longer about escapism, rather learning how to navigate my way through the tunnel. This may be you today, looking for a way out of the darkness. Perhaps you have tried to get professional help, but had no success. Perhaps you have run out of options and are on the verge of giving up. Perhaps you have run out of energy and hope and your once desire to escape from dark to light is now escape from dark to nothingness. If this is you, take come ounce of comfort in knowing that you’re not alone as I too often feel like this.

For a long while I battled with what seemed at the time an oxymoron: me launching this positive platform Better-Days Global yet feeling so void. I then saw the power in taking each day one at a time and still choosing to live though I am in the sunken place. You see I believe that it’s in the pressing where we see that our prayers are indeed being answered. While I asked for an escape, God gave me strength sufficient for each day and moment. Brick by brick, step by step, I began to navigate through the dark trusting in His grace for each compartmentalized section of my life. With each hour that passed, I gain the courage to face the next until my hours turned into a full day. I’d keep the same approach for each hour of the following day until I successfully managed to make it through another day, and I am still doing the same. While some days are better than others, I know that I am making progress because I am still alive and sharing hope with others.

My actionable advice for you today is to keep pressing. Pressing doesn’t have to be a public display. Press in private. Set yourself small achievable goals just like I do. Make it through your next hour and then tackle the next. Don’t see these tiny achievements as insignificant. They are not. In-fact, they are major moments within your journey towards Better Days.

Keep your head up and your shoulders back my friend.

This is not how your story ends;

Signed Steve Whyte