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To respect, care for and love every single person, no matter their colour, shape, size, gender or beliefs, is foundational to us. In this we promise to be empathetic at all times, dealing with people with kindness and gentleness. To never deceive or take advantage of our audience. To hold ourselves accountable within every area of the brand and to be dedicated to our mission.

We believe that being inspired is essential to living a productive life. Following inspiration comes consistency. By being consistent in our professionalism, staying linked to our ethos and never stepping outside of them for gain, we are able to impact more lives in a powerful and inspiring way. We prioritize going beyond the surface level as we believe that there are no limitations. With this, we have conversations that matter, and only do positivity. We contribute to a better world for everyone.

While happiness fluctuates, we believe that a life of joy is a life of wellness. Our principles guide us toward our vision, and we uphold and reinforce these principles everyday by adhering to the values of the origin of Better Days in 2005. Our pillars are foundational to the culture that we create within our services, community contributions and courses. We take pride in our values, specifically joy, as we model excellence to those whom we empower and inspire purpose in those who contribute towards better.

We work with adults to help them to find the fire and motivation within their lives again. As we grow older, the experiences and responsibilities of life can cloud our vision and this causes us to lose grip on our own joy, meaning and purpose for life. In this place we are less productive and uninspired. We work with each individual to bring clarity, meaning, and substance to their lives in a powerful way.

New To Better Days?

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At Better Days Global Academy, we provide personal development courses to empower, inspire and educate people from all walks of life. We work with educational establishments, businesses and individuals, who aim to experience their better days. Our courses are tailored to the needs of those whom we work with, and we are flexible with our material. For more information on the courses we deliver, and to find the course that best suits you, please click through to see more.



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Ready For A Course?

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Working with schools, we take an active approach giving youth the tools they need to create achievable goals. We provide courses and workshops that inspire youth to aim high, be comfortable with who they are and value the contributions that they can make in and on this world. We have the knowledge and resources to help navigate youth into adulthood. We understand that young people are not the future, they are the present, and so we treat them as such.


We believe that family is where it all starts. Our approach is unique in that we treat each family as unique and help each member identify and understand their role in their great family story. We offer guidance, encouragement, and practical suggestions to families who are talking about, and moving through issues we often deal with in our work in classrooms and adolescent workshops. We know families are the real experts on what is happening to them, and so we simply add effective support and perspective within the following areas: Communication, Boundaries, Values and Unity.


We spend most of our lives at work, which is a long time if we're unhappy in our jobs! And not only is not enjoying what you do completely dispiriting for the employee, it's very bad for business. Simply, we want to work for an employer where we feel fulfilled, respected, wanted and happy. Likewise, we want happy staff who will be motivated, most productive and excel in their roles. Motivation is important because even at the most basic level, it costs more to replace staff than to keep them. We work with all types of businesses to help position them to create happier, healthier and more productive environments for work.

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